AutumnMind.com is a project of Ecolink Institute of Well-being.  We provide Psychological Counseling and therapeutic services through video conferencing, online chat, text messaging and audio calls.  We have a dedicated team of well-qualified Psychoanalysts and Counsellors who use technical and proficient approach towards categories of psychological and emotional issues.

AutumnMind provides psychological therapy for various psychological issues, as one-time Consultation or therapy involving multiple sessions. The Psychological Consultation is available for mainly parents and children, including teens and adolescents,  addiction management, Relationship management, and Mental health. Some special packages are designed to deal with the behavioural addictions and disorders of the young generation, like smartphone addiction, internet gaming, social media, etc as well as Neuro-Linguistic Programming therapy, Reiki, Spiritual Therapy, Dream therapy, etc.   E-therapy may be a solution if one cannot afford a traditional therapist or feel uncomfortable discussing psychological issues on a face to face session or does not find a qualified counsellor in their area.

Our Counselors and Therapy Team

AutumnMind.com has a specially chosen therapy team with high academic qualifications in Psychology and experience. We are introducing Counsellors and therapists only after sufficient background checking and their credentials. Most therapists are Masters in Psychology or M.Sc in Clinical Psychology and some are Masters in Social Work (MSW) with Medical and Psychiatric specialization. Our Addiction Counselors are certified by the International Center for Credentialing and Certification (GCCC), Washington DC or Ministry of Social Justice, Government of India.

We have specialists to deal with various emotional problems among different target groups including parents, teenage and adolescent children, youths, and adults. Our experienced Counsellors will handle either One time Consultation on neurotic issues or therapeutic sessions that require more sessions. Substance addiction like alcoholism or drug abuse, behavioral addictions like smartphone, internet or game, or social media addictions,  Relationship management areas like pre-marital, marital, or break up counselling,  mental health problems like depression, anxiety disorders, phobia, and mood disorders.


We have counselors who can speak Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarathi, English and several dialects to make counseling more effective. So, our team members hail from New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Mangalore, Cochin and other towns of India.

Advantages of Online Therapy

“Available, Accessible and Affordable any time, anywhere” is the slogan of Autumn Mind which explains how online therapy is a viable alternative to traditional face to face therapy. Online therapy offers access to mental health therapy to people in rural or remote areas with quick and easy access to treatment. Online therapy provides accessibility to individuals who are disabled or housebound and cannot travel and is usually  affordable and convenient too.

The Leadership Team

Dr. Thomas Scaria, PhD

The Chief Therapist and Managing Trustee of the Recoveryonline.in is Dr. Thomas Scaria, an Internationally Certified Addiction Professional, accredited by Global Center for Credentialing and Certification (GCCC), Washington DC with over 25 years of experience in De-addiction services. He has a PhD in Counseling & Psychology, Masters in Social Work (MSW) with Medical & Psychiatric Social Work, double graduation in Sociology and Philosophy as well as several training credentials in addiction management from India and abroad. He has worked in more than 20 countries as senior program officer of the Colombo Plan and have headed a prominent de-addiction center in India as Director for 18 years.

Ronnie Scarl Thomas, MSW

The Co-founder of the Autumn Mind.  Mr. Ronnie Thomas is a post graduate in Social Work (MSW) with specialization in Human Resource Development from Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore University. He leads human resource development  at Ecolink Institute of Wellbeing, Mangalore. He served internship with International Chamber of Commerce, Colombo, Sri Lanka and coordinated national and international conferences on social entrepreneurship. He has also initiated a start up project which links tourism with education and ecology, and aimed at preparing youngsters with wider vision and global brotherhood by appreciating different cultures and nationalities.

Dr. Thulitha Wikrama, PhD

Dr. Thulitha is  our Consultant to Ecolink Institute of Well-being and our international coordinator. He is  the Founder Director of  Global Health Research & Policy, Georgia, USA and an Education Provider for the International Consortium of Universities for Drug  Demand Reduction (ICUDDR & ISSUP). He also served as the former M & E Senior Officer at Colombo Plan and currently working as  Professor and Academic Director of Programs at  Colombo International Institute of Higher Education (CIIHE). He is also a Research guide, Monitoring and Evaluation expert