I. Substance Addictions:

Many young people get into drug abuse and alcoholism due to peer pressure, curiosity, or for fun sake. But once addicted to substances, it is very difficult to come out of it. The most abused drugs are Tobacco, Alcohol, Cannabis, Heroin, Cocaine, or Medically used prescription drugs. As addiction is a progressive disease, recovery is also a process.  A qualified Psychologist can help you identify the problem at early stages itself and prevent you from progressing into chronic addiction. They can also assist you in your path to recovery.  Most of our addiction therapists are highly experienced and Internationally Certified Addiction Counsellors. (Please note, a chronic alcoholic or drug dependent requires detoxification under medical care prior to seeking counselling assistance).

II. Behavioural Addictions:


Besides psychoactive substance dependency, these days, many people, especially teenaged, adolescents and young people become victims of internet addiction, smartphone addiction, etc. several behaviours produce short-term rewards in the brain that results in decreasing control over the behaviour. These disorders often result from an impulsive-compulsive spectrum.  These disorders are called  “behavioural” addictions. If you think you have a behavioural addiction to the internet, Smart phone, gaming, or gambling, connect to a Counselor before it is too late!