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 “Counselling in Addiction Management”



Substance use disorder is a major mental health issue in the world which claims millions of deaths annually and cause several health-related ailments. Some 35.6 million people suffer from drug use disorders globally, according to the World Drug Report 2020 by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Globally, more than 3 million people die of alcohol use every year and nearly 8 million dies from tobacco-related ailments. Several studies, including one from NIMHANS pointed out that the social and health cost of substance use disorder is much more than the income generated. According to the UNODC report, published on June 26, 2020, India is one of the major hubs of the illicit drug trade.


However, there are not much awareness about these diseases nor enough mental health professionals who are equipped to deal with substance use disorder. The existing syllabus in psychology studies does not have adequate sessions on addiction management. Addiction Management requires special skills to deal with the acute denial associated with the disease and the lack of social support in dealing with treatment and rehabilitation of substance use disorders. Globally, one in 8 people only get help!


Training goals

  • To provide participants with an understanding of addiction as a brain disease 

  • To orient participants on the pharmacology of psychoactive substances.

  • To provide an insight into new age behavioural addictions like Smartphone and internet addictions

  • To give an overview of addiction treatment, with particular reference to medical management of withdrawal and co-occurring disorders

  • To familiarize with basic counselling skills required for addiction management.  

  • To provide information on denial management, family counselling, dealing with co-occurring disorders.

  • To provide an insight into how counselling helps various stages of Recovery and Change.

  • To discuss the role of Recovery Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, N.A., Al-Anon etc.


Learning objectives


-  Participants who complete Course on Counselling  in Addiction Management will be able to: 

-   Understand addiction as a Brain disease,

-   Describe  different classifications of psychoactive substances; 

-   Stages and symptoms of addiction,

-   Understand behavioural disorders like Smartphone and internet addictions         

-   Become familiarise with treatment Components  

-   Identify the specific skills to counsel and carry out therapy sessions for the clients and their family members,  and

-   understand recovery as a process and learn to assist aftercare, recovery services and relapse prevention effectively.


The Organizers

Ecolink Institute of Well-being, India

Center for Global Health Research & Policy, USA



  • Duration of the training: One Month theory & One-month internship (optional)

      ( Internship is possible with AutumnMind with supervised case management. 16 hours of theory sessions & and minimum one case management  with substance use disorder from the locality of the participant)


  • Eligible groups: Academically Qualified Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Social Workers & Psychology students


  • Proposed starting Date: 24 July 2020 (Registration closes by 21 July)


Resource persons 

Globally Certified Addiction Trainers for Universal Treatment & Prevention Curricula, promoted by the Colombo Plan & US Department of State with several hours of training and counselling experience around the world.



























The medium of Instruction: English

Fees and Schedule


  • Course Fee: Rs.2000/- per participant (Last Date of Registration: 21 July 2020)

  • (For AutumnMind members: Rs. 1000/-)

Topics and Resource persons

24 July 2020

06- 6.30 pm

Welcome & Introduction to the training, Ground rules & Pre-test

Dr Thomas Scaria


6.30- 7 pm

Understanding addiction as a brain disease

Dr Thirumagal V.


07- 08  pm

Stages & Symptoms

Dr. Thirumagal V.



25 July 2020

6- 7 pm

Pharmacology of Drugs

Dr. Thomas Scaria


07- 08 pm

Smartphone and internet addictions

Mr. Prabhakar Shetty



31 July 2020

06- 07pm

Medical management of withdrawals and co-occurring disorders

Dr. Kiran Kumar P.K (Psychiatrist)


07- 08 pm

Principles of effective addiction management & continuum of care

Dr. Thirumagal V.

01 Aug 2020

06- 07 pm

Core issues related to counselling substance use disorder management

Dr Thirumagal V.


07- 08 pm

Dr. Thirumagal V.


07 Aug 2020

06-07 pm

Recognizing and managing Motivational enhancement

Mr. Francis Moothedan


07- 08 pm

Stages and Strategies for Change

Mr. Francis Moothedan


08 Aug 2020

06- 07pm

Addiction as a Family Disease & Family Counseling

Ms. Reshma Malick


 07- 08 pm

Counselling for Co-occurring disorders

Ms Reshma Malick

14 Aug 2020

06- 07pm

Aftercare Counselling & Relapse prevention

Dr Thirumagal V.


07- 08 pm

Ethical consideration  in dealing with substance use

Dr Thirumagal V.

15 Aug 2020

06- 07pm

Orientation to Recovery Groups like AA, NA, Al-Anon, Al-Ateen

Members of Recovery Groups


07- 08 pm

Case Documentation & Analysis

Dr Thulitha Wickrama


21 Aug 2020

06-7.00 pm

Online Examination

Dr Thomas Scaria


07-08 pm

Orientation to field practice/ Supervised Internship

Dr Thomas Scaria



Certificate of Completion will be provided upon successful completion of the training by passing the Online examination. Those doing a guided internship (optional) will be given a separate certificate for the internship.

About the Organizers:

Ecolink Institute of Well-being, Mangalore ( Recognized by the Global Centre for Credentialing and Certification, UK and Colombo Plan)

Ecolink Institute of Well-being is a registered Education provider in Mangalore which manages an Online Counselling portal, AutumnMind.com, with over 25 clinical Psychologists. Besides running a Counseling and Psycho-therapy unit for alcohol and drug dependents, the Institute involves in spreading awareness on drug abuse and mental health promotion among students, training of teachers, and ongoing capacity building of the addiction professionals in the region. The Institute is also registered under International Society for Substance Abuse Professionals, based in the UK and undertakes training programs for various target groups, especially in addiction management. Dr Thomas Scaria is the Director of the Institute with a decade of experience as Senior Program Officer in a Commonwealth initiated International Organization.

Center for Global Health  Research & Policy, Georgia, US

The Center for Global Health Research and Policy (CGHRP) is an educational institution in the United States, registered in the city of Atlanta, US. With government recognition as an organization providing educational services, CGHRP engages in collaborations and consultancies on scientific research, intervention and prevention, educational, and administrative activities. CGHRP collaborates with American universities and international organizations in its work. As a registered member of the New York NGO Committee on Drugs, CGHRP undertakes substance use prevention, intervention, and research activities that can be used for its role as a consultant to UN programs. Furthermore, the Director of CGHRP is a member of ISSUP (International Society for Substance Use Professionals), a member of the American Association of University Professors, American Psychological Association, and The National Council for Family Relations. With a mission to uplift the quality of life of individuals, families, and communities, CGHRP engages in programs in the area of mental, physical, and behavioural health among adolescents and adults. 


Dr. Thomas Scaria

Director, Ecolink Institute of Well-being

G.M. Arcade, Airport Road, Yeyyadi, Mangalore-575008, India: Mob: +918073168164


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Dr. Thomas Scaria 

Founding Director of AutumnMind.com  

(Internationally Certified Addiction Trainer)

Dr Thirumagal V.,

Global Trainer

 Ms Reshma Malik,

Senior Counsellor and Trainer,

(ICAP Level III), AutumnMind

Mr Francis Moothedan,

Senior Counsellor & Global Trainer (ICAP Level III),


Dr. Kirankumar P.K.,

Professor of Psychiatry,

A.J. Medical College, Mangalore

Mr. Prabhakar Shetty,

Internet addiction therapist,


Dr Thulitha Wickrama,

Director, Center for Global Health Research & Policy,



          Chief Resource person:  

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