Terms and conditions for the use of AutumnMind.com




1. Registration with the site:


One needs to register with the AutumnMInd website for availing online counselling and therapy. However, any member should be at least 18 years old to register. Children can get counselling assistance and guidance from a professional Counsellor in AutumnMind, but they need to be registered by their parents and have consent before using our services. Any identity cards approved by the Government of India is acceptable as an identity proof.

2. Privacy policy:


Any personal information collected will be kept strictly confidential and will not be provided to a third party except the Counsellor assigned. The website will collect basic information such as name, age, address, email id and the WhatsApp mobile number at the time of registration and will require an identity proof while getting connected to a Counsellor. However, we may be compelled to pass on such information to the relevant authorities only if there is a threat to any life, whether suicidal or involving a third party.


3. Confidentiality:


Confidentiality is a fundamental right of the clients and counsellors in the online counselling process and both the parties are bound by the protection of confidentiality. The information collected during the counselling process will remain with the respective counsellor who is assigned. The information will not be shared with even AutumnMind.com management, but remain with the counsellor. In the same way, even the client is bound by the rights of the counsellor to be protected from any threat to his or her privacy, and any acts against this mutual agreement, by recording the session or taking snapshots are strictly prohibited. All information will remain confidential unless both the client and therapist agree to discuss something with a third party. The only circumstance where confidentiality might be broken would be if there was a serious risk to the client’s life or another person’s life


4. Payments:


All payments to the services in AutumnMind.com need to be paid in advance prior to each session or as a package fee towards a fixed number of sessions. The payments are classified into three categories: 1) Annual subscription fee, 2) Single session fee or 3) therapy package fee (including 4 video sessions, psycho-education, and short interviews). Members opting to take an annual membership gets certain benefits. All payments are channelled through the current account of the Ecolink, the registered Organization managing AutumnMind.com. The payments are routed through internet transfer to our HDFC account, by means of deposit by cash or cheque from anywhere in India, or by BHIM or UPI channels such as PhonePe, google pay, etc. A session will be scheduled only after the payment is received. A payment gateway may be created in future to make payment easier. No payments to be made directly to any therapists under AutumnMind.com at any circumstances.


5. Counsellors in AutumnMind.com


The Counselors in AutumnMind.com are highly qualified psychologists who are independent providers who are affiliated to our online platform as service providers. They are not our employees nor agents nor representatives. We take utmost care in assigning the best Counsellor according to your prognosis, but if you are not satisfied, you can seek a replacement with AutumnMind.com.


6. Appointments& Cancellations:


The clients are given the option to choose their own convenient time for a counselling session, but the preferred time suggested at the time of booking is subjected to the availability of a therapist on the same time. Our Counsellor/ therapist will contact you for a mutually agreeable time for the video session. If the client is not available for the session, it may be postponed to a new date and time. Failure to attend the counselling session at three repeated schedules will result in cancellation of the appointment without reimbursement.


7. Referral services:


If a particular Counsellor finds it difficult to manage an allotted case on any professional reasons, the client may be referred to a different Counsellor who has more expertise in the field. This decision could be taken by the assigned Counsellor in consultation with the Managing Director of AutumnMind.com. A client who is uncomfortable with a particular Counsellor also could suggest a change of therapist, but it will be at the full discretion of the AutumnMind.com.


8. Website Content:


All the content described in the website are for information only and not for any research, referrals, or study purpose. The content shall not be downloaded or used for many purposes. The pictures used in the website are only for representation and they are in no way indicating to any particular individuals. The clients can download the articles in the Psycho-education section only for personal use. Most articles are either reproduced from expert writers and professionals solely for the purpose of awareness and education.


9. Online Counseling for children:


Any teenage children or adolescents under the age of 18 should be attending to the counselling services only with the consent of their parents, with or without their presence during sessions. Parents who refer to their teenage children for counselling should agree to this TOR and attend an introductory session themselves before making their children attend online counselling. Only qualified counsellors will be dealing with child counselling.


10. Eligibility for Online Counselling:


Online Counselling under AutumnMind.com is open to only mild mental health issues, relationship issues, and early intervention for substance abuse. Severe mental health issues like acute depression, Class 1 bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or those having suicidal tendencies, etc. are not covered in online counselling. In short, we handle only neurotic cases or behavioural disorders, not psychotic cases that require medication and treatment under a psychiatrist, unless they have a referral from a psychiatrist for psychotherapy. Addiction management is a special item under the autumnMind.com, which are only meant for early intervention for those who are in the early stages of addiction or those in the recovery process after they are detoxified in a medical set up. Any clients attending a Counselling session under an intoxicated stage will be terminated from the session at any stage and refunding shall be claimed.



11. Screening and Exclusions for Online Counselling:


Any clients with a history of major psychiatric episodes, severe dependence over alcohol or drugs without detoxification, having any major psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia, major depression, suicidal attempts, violent behaviour, etc will not be fit for online counselling. Any clients showing symptoms of major mental illnesses will not be admitted to the Online counselling or they can be blocked from continuing in counselling if they exhibit any such symptoms during sessions. Clients using any abuse languages, violence or disrespect to the Counsellor will be terminated from our services. Clients will be allotted with a specialized Counsellor only after the initial screening for teletherapy is done by the resident counsellors at AutumnMind.com.


12. Internet connectivity:


Online counselling will be effective only if the video conferencing quality is good. Good internet connectivity is the basic requirement for imparting online services and both Counsellor and client should have reasonably good internet connectivity from a reliable service provider. If any counselling process is interrupted from the week connectivity from the side of the Counsellor, the session could be rescheduled. If the connectivity problem is experienced from the client-side, the counsellor could consider a rescheduling, but not mandated.


13. Limitations of Online Counselling:


Online counselling is effective subject to several conditions such as good internet connectivity, privacy, and appropriate mental condition to receive counselling, basic technical know-how on IT, good motivation to change, and confidentiality. It is not a 100 % substitute for one-to-one counselling in a physical setting, but also has its merits like reduced social stigma and easy availability at any time from anywhere. A real person conducts this counselling and therapy sessions by fully being available to each other through the platform of the internet.


14. Changes and Modifications:


AutumnMind.com can make any changes or modifications to the terms and conditions mentioned above at any time and clients signing in for counselling are bound by the conditions. If any clauses are not acceptable to the client, he or she can avoid using our services.


15. Mutual Respect:


In AutumnMind.com, both the Counsellor and the client are bound by ethical boundaries and mutual respect. No breach of this condition is tolerated by the company. Any abusive languages from the clients, sexual comments or reactions that might interfere with the dignity of the counsellor will be a valid reason for termination of the session without consulting with the management of the company. No refunding will be done for the sessions terminated on the above reasons.


16. Video or audio recording of the session:


Neither the Client nor the Counsellor will be allowed to record the counselling session, either full or part, take screenshots or snaps at any cost. This is against the confidentiality and privacy policy of the Online counselling principles and any breach of this condition could result in discontinuation of the session and therapy.


17. Disclaimer:


The content on the AutumnMind.com website is intended for information only. We accept no responsibility for any decisions made and accept no liability for any loss or damage based on the information found on this website.



18. Indemnity:


All users to this website including Clients, Counsellors, therapists, staff, and technicians hereby agree to insure and hold AtumnMindonline therapy not liable for any claims or demand which may arise from any content a member or user may submit, post in social media, which may be considered as a violation of terms and conditions.


Registered Office of AutumnMind.com is Ecolink Institute of well-being, II Floor, G.M. Arcade, Airport Road, Yeyyadi, Mangalore- 575008, India. Ph: +91 734921334, Email: ron.autumnmind@gmail.com. Website: www.autumnmind.com