Refund and Cancellation Policy:

  1. Background: under the Ecolink Institute of Well-being makes extreme care in allotting the best Counsellor and therapeutic support to the clients. However, situations can arise when a client wants to discontinue the treatment or not satisfied with the service, etc. In such context, AutumnMind has a flexible policy in favor of the clients, who are our most valued guests. Refund is possible only for the registered clients who have given all their required information while registering.

  1. Situations where a  refund could be considered:

A refund after deducting the admin charges could be considered on following circumstances:

  1. If a  client decides to discontinue unused counseling slots after paying for a package

  2. If a client is found to be not fit for the tele-counselling and advised to seek medical or psychiatric help in a hospital

  3. If a client has internet connectivity issues, which is beyond their control


  1. Situations, where refund is not applicable:

    1. Refund is not possible for the sessions, partly or fully used.

    2. Refund is not possible if the client did not show up for a scheduled session . 

    3. Refund is not possible, if a session had to be discontinued on account of violation of terms and conditions for counseling, such as abuse on Counsellor, intoxicant attendance, violent behavior, etc

    4. Refund is not possible, if the client does not cancel the appointment, at least before 18 hours

    5. Refund is not possible if the client did not have a good internet connectivity and counseling disrupted due to it. However, it is at the discretion of the Counsellor if a session could be rescheduled.

    6. If a session is disrupted due to internet connectivity of the Counsellor, the session could be rescheduled free of cost; but no refund.

4. Refund Process

You need to apply through the official email ID mentioned in the site, with reasons which are not mentioned in item No. 3. Any refund request will be considered after we receive the Non Objection Certificate (NOC) from  your therapist/ assigned counselor. If the reasons for discontinuation is valid, the management will initiate the refund process through a bank transfer or UPI. The amount to be refunded will be decided based on the validity of the reasons and after deducting the administrative charges and taxes, if any.

  1. Cancellation Policy:

A client can cancel the booking after making the payments on extreme conditions, if he or she has to get admitted in a hospital or not in a position to attend tele-therapy due to ill health. In such circumstances, client could cancel the booking and claim a refund. One can cancel the booking and get a refund after deducting admin charges and taxes, if the cancellation is done one week in advance. If the cancellation is made within 2-6 days, client can get 50 percent refund.  However, no refund will be given for any cancellation within 48 hours. Minimum three weeks required for processing any refund request.

  1. For any grievances, please contact: or call +917349213834, Ecolink Institute of Well-being, G.M. Arcade, Airport Road, Yeyyadi, Mangalore- 575008, India.