Webinar on Challenges of being a Priest, and the joy of being human, 29 August 2020

Dear fathers,

I am sending a brief survey form to help me design the webinar on “the challenges of being a priest and the joy of being human” on 29th August from 10 am to 12 pm. During this time, we will be discussing some of the coping mechanisms to manage the stress which we all are passing through due to the COVID pandemic these days. We will also discuss on some basic challenges faced by priests in modern times and its solutions. As a former seminarian and a layman, very much closer to the Church activities, I firmly believe that priests have a right to be human in the same intensity as they assert their priesthood in the modern world.


“Priests are living in the world, but not of the world”, goes the normal understanding. Do you really subscribe to this statement? Is it really wrong to take care of our own “self-esteem” as a rightful member of the world itself while providing spiritual leadership to the faithful? Let us have a fruitful time together.


So, consider me not an outsider, but very much an insider who can feel the pulse. Please fill the following questionnaire by clicking on the button. The respondents need not mention their identity and the information collected from this survey is strictly kept confidential and it is only for the webinar.